Good Bye Copywriting, Hello Social Media Marketing

Im the new Social Media Marketing Manager for Bulbstorm.

I'm the new Social Media Marketing Manager for Bulbstorm.

I gave my two week’s notice at Insight on Monday with the intention of building my freelance copywriting business. However, a Phoenix startup I had hoped to cultivate as a freelance client asked me to join their staff.

Good bye, Fortune 500 copywriter. Hello, startup social media marketing manager.

My new employer is Bulbstorm. They aim to build an online community for companies and their customers to unite and share ideas for improving their products.

The main platform is online innovation communities on, but the company is working to add their innovation technology to Facebook fan pages. They also offer agency-esque social media services to clients.

Bulbstorm found me by googling Phoenix Marketing Copywriter and landing on my freelance copywriting website. My experience with social media and blogging related to Echo from the Buttes particularly piqued their interest.

When I considered turning them down to focus on my freelance copywriting business, the CEO trash talked me on Twitter.

That got my attention and I signed on. Here’s to the future!